The Universal Advantage

How We Deliver Superior Service To Our Clients and Partners

First and Foremost: Our People

Well-trained professionals, skilled in the multiple areas of extended administration.

Complete Turnkey Programs

Marketing tools, insurance underwriting, customer service call center, claims processing, adjudication, billing mechanism, reporting functions.

Profit Sharing Residuals

Insurance reserves are paid out annually on private label programs of $1 million or more. Payments are based upon reserve less claims paid.

Experienced Management Team

Skilled in program assessment, design implementation, claims processing & adjudication.

State of the Art Call Center

Computerized customer service and repair dispatch 24 hours 7 days a week.

Customer Service Representatives

Trained in customer call center interaction with a diplomatic touch.

Nationwide Repair Network

Over 90,000 qualified repair service providers nationwide. Learn more...

Computer Technology, Powerful and Dependable, Second to None

Reliable Oracle-based systems track every transaction for real time data mining and actuarial modeling. Learn more...

Online Access to Customer's Account

Secure online access from any web browser gives clients up to the minute account status.

Digital Document Storage & Retrieval Services

Document scanning to non-proprietary format CD for digital archive and easy access.

Monthly Billing Cycles

Managed billing process ensures accuracy and convenience.

Service Level Guarantee:

  • 90% Overall Customer Service Satisfaction
  • 2% Or Less Abandoned Calls
  • 2% Or Less Busy Signals
  • 90% Customer Call Backs Within 2 Hours
  • 100% Service Calls Made Within 48 Hours
  • 100% Claims Processed Within 24 Hours
  • 100% Claim Dispute Settlement Within 5 Days
  • 100% Contracts Processed Within 24 Hours