Manufactured Home Extended Warranty Programs

Manufactured homes account for approximately one third of the homes in the United States. The homes range in price from about $80,000 to over $150,000 and offer a very large market opportunity for extended warranty programs.

Universal Administrators provides turnkey, inboard (included in the price of the product) and dealer offered point of sale, Extended Warranty Programs for Manufactured Homes. Manufacturer installed load-bearing structure, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and major appliances can be covered by flexible warranty programs that allow various lengths of coverage, normally from 5 to 10 years.

An extended warranty provides high value to the customer in terms of quality, security and peace of mind. Manufactured Homes extended warranties are a competitive edge of great worth in today's quality conscious marketplace. If a warranty is offered when competitors do not, or for longer, or less expensively than the competition, it creates a huge advantage.

By utilizing UA third party administration, the manufacturer or dealer does not carry claim reserves for warranty coverage on its books. This approach lowers the overall cost for reserves (because UA can do it less expensively), reduces the overall company risk exposure, and eliminates the company liability in covering the product. This strategy significantly enhances the their bottom line.

As third party administrator, Universal Administrators sets up the entire program. Ongoing, UA efficiently manages the contracts, premiums and reserves, call center, customer service, and claims processing. Years of actuarial experience assure low insurance risks that result in attractive profits for the underwriters.

Additional benefits include actuarial and market analysis reporting. Besides monitoring warranty program performance, these reports can be applied to market and product quality issues.

Universal Administrators claims processing and adjudication experience ensures high customer satisfaction and fair claims settlement. UA's expertise reflects favorably on the manufacturer and dealer reputation while eliminating improper payouts.

Value added Extended Warranty Programs from Universal Administrators ensure a superior, profitable competitive edge for all participants. The programs are proven to perform as promised. We draw upon over two decades of successful experience!

Your business is unique! Let Universal Administrators build a program that fits your needs:

  • Retail Point of Sale Extended Warranty Service Programs
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Warranty Programs
  • Deregulated Service Contract Programs